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Come join us on a wild safari!

Meet our new Safari textiles created for tiny explorers. In the newest addition to our playful textile series, designed in harmonious colours, you meet all the wild and cute animals from the savannah.

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Create a cozy sanctuary in your child's room with the Safari cave.

Place it in the bed and you'll have the perfect spot for reading a book or put it on the floor to create the ideal playing area with a nice quilted blanket to lay on.


Organise your child's favorite toys with storage solutions that are easy for them to access when it is time to play.

The lion and zebra will take good care of your favorite toys when you aren't playing with them yourself.




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Give your little ones easy access to their favourite books and toys with the safari bed pockets

They are easy to hang on the bed side and move around as pleased.



Create a comfy hiding spot underneath the bed with the Safari play curtains.

Peek your head out from the hole in the curtain and pretend that you are one of the wild animals from the savannah or just enjoy looking at all the cute animals.




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Did you know?

Our textiles are OEKO-TEX® certified and contain no harmful substance. We take good care of your little ones and the animals from the savannah watch over them while they sleep. So sweet safari dreams little one.


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