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Certified solid wood

Wood is a beautiful and natural material and no tree should be cut down in vain. Therefore FLEXA wood is certified by PEFC™ (See Certificate) and meets strict international standards for sustainable forest management.We have optimized the use of wood in all our production and we recycle tree stumps, wood shavings and even sawdust at the sawmills and factories.

Our wood is collected from the northern latitudes, where trees grow slowly on account of the cold. The environment of the northern latitude generates wood with an excellent fibre structure and greater mass that ensures high quality wood that contains few knots. The wood is dried, planed and rounded to become the finished high-quality material.

CO2-neutral energy

We design furniture for children – and we want them to grow up in a green world. That’s why we recycle all remaining wood from our preparation process.We collect everything – even sawdust and send it to a sawmill, where it is compressed to wood pellets. The wood pellets are free from additives and lacquer, which makes them environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral. These wood pellets have long combustion and offer a real alternative to other less environmentally friendly forms of energy.

Safe pillow fights with OEKO-tex

Playing and sleeping should be absolutely free from chemicals and other harmful substances, and that’s why we aim to have all our textiles bear the OEKO-Tex mark.Our pillows get hugs and kisses and our blankets are used to build forts. All our textiles and mattresses proudly wear this mark and guarantee that your child is safe when interacting with them.

It’s safe to bite the bed

One minute the bed is a safe place to dream - the next it’s a spaceship on it’s way to the moon. The bed and your child will be close companions for many years. That’s why we only use eco-friendly UV-lacquer, which is free from solvents and toxic colorants.The lacquer is very hard wearing and tolerates even the roughest treatment. This makes the bed robust and more resistant to signs of wear, tear and even the bites of a toddler.



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Experts in contemporary Scandinavian interiors for babies and children that are functional, playful and sustainable. We don’t just make products that are beautiful to look at, our quality beds and furniture are designed to last an entire childhood.

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