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We pride ourselves as the experts in sleep, that is why all our FLEXA mattresses follow strict environmental requirements that ensure a safe and non-allergenic environment for your precious ones. Find out how FLEXA mattresses can give your child the perfect sleep!

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Building blocks of a good sleep

Children spend 40% of their childhood sleeping and a good night’s sleep helps improve their ability to concentrate, focus and remember. A good mattress is the building block of a good night’s sleep!

A mattress to suit every fancy

FLEXA mattresses come in a wide variety to suit your precious child’s preferences: foam mattresses, spring mattresses, and foam and latex mattresses. They all come with a mattress machine-washable covers that protect the mattress and make sure that the mattress rests correctly on the slats.

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Perfect for Singapore’s climate

FLEXA mattresses are made with breathable fabrics and materials that promote good air ventilation and moisture regulation for optimal support, comfort and longevity.

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Thanks to the latest ADAPTIVE® technology, FLEXA mattresses come with textiles that respond to temperature changes. As your child sleeps and heats up the mattress textile, the ADAPTIVE® treatment pedals push evaporation out to reduce humidity and give your child a cooling effect, making sure that your child stays comfortable, cool and dry in their sleep.

Keep your child’s allergies at bay

All FLEXA mattresses are OEKO-TEX® certified meaning that they contain no undesirable and harmful substances, making them suitable for children with allergies and sensitive skin!

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FLEXA mattresses also come with the latest PUROTEX® fabric processing technology from Belgium to help keep your child’s allergies at bay. Friction between your child’s body and the mattress activates the probiotics encapsulated and integrated in the textiles. The probiotics help absorb humidity to clean up allergens as your child sleeps, making sure your precious one wakes up to healthier mornings!

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