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At FLEXA, we believe that play is more than just fun. Our FLEXA Toys collection is inspired by the knowledge that play is essential in promoting learning and creativity in children.

The new toy collection consists of three interactive play sets: The Kitchen, The Workbench and The Shop, all especially designed to encourage your tiny grown ups to develop motor and social skills, all while having fun!

All three toy sets are also proud recipients of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2018 in Product Design.






Award winning design

FLEXA is Scandinavian design, with the highest standards of quality and safety. As always, the ambition is to contribute to the development of independent, imaginative, and playful children with the power to cooperate, think critically, and make a positive social contribution.

Because of the beautiful design, The Kitchen, The Workbench and The Shop all received the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018.

The “Red Dot” is the revered international seal of outstanding design quality. Only products, which set themselves apart considerably, through their excellent design, receive the sought-after quality seal.

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Meet the Kitchen

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The perfect play kitchen for tiny chefs and bakers to experiment with and whip up new culinary creations for friends and family. The Kitchen features realistic role play with four hotplates, turnable knobs, oven with window, water tap and a sink for hours of fun and creative play!

The Kitchen has a soft, rounded design to ensure curious fingers are safe during playtime. And it is made with high quality birch wood, plywood and MDF, with a 100% cotton curtain, a powder coated steel sink and a plastic oven window.

Its sleek contemporary design also allows it to look good in any part of the house! The Kitchen fits perfectly under all FLEXA mid-high beds!

Add more fun with the Pot & Pan, Tableware, and Chef’s costume, also available in the FLEXA Toy collection.

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Meet the Workbench

It’s time for little handymen and women to learn the tricks of craftsmanship with The Workbench! This interactive toy set features playful details such as a vice, a saw, shelves and a cupboard. The Workbench will provide many hours of playtime fun with its realistic details and safe, rounded design.

The Workbench is made with high quality birch wood, plywood and MDF with no visible hardware in the structure. And its chic and modern design ensures that it will look good in any room. The Workbench also fits perfectly under all FLEXA mid-high beds!

Add more fun with the Construction set, Toolbox, Toolset, and Builder’s costume,  also available in the FLEXA Toy collection.

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Meet the Shop

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What would you like to buy today? Everything is for sale! Simulate the ins and outs of running your own store with The Shop! The shop play set features interactive details to encourage realistic role play including a counter, a blackboard and a shelf for your tiny shopkeeper to display their merchandise for sale.

The Shop is made with high quality birch wood, plywood and MDF with a soft, rounded design to ensure your tiny grown up’s fingers are safe during play time. It also has a sleek and modern design allowing it fit harmoniously in any part of the house, wherever your tiny shopkeepers want to set up their shop!

Add more fun with the Cash Register, Fruits, Vegetables, Groceries, and Shopkeeper’s costume,  also available in the FLEXA Toy collection.

Want to touch, test and play with our TOY collection?

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