NEW! Transportation textile collection

Choo choo! All aboard the FLEXA Express! Bring your child’s imagination to life with our new Transportation textile designed to encourage children to engage in fantasy play where they hold the steering wheel to their own adventures. Transportation is the latest in our collection of unique and playful textiles and is made in collaboration with textile designer Sooji Kim who studied at the Danish School of Design.


“I have chosen cute and amusing elements from our everyday life such as boats, bikes, roads, cars and helicopters. I hope they will inspire children to have fun, play and use their imagination. If, at the same time, the textiles can teach the child about transportation and how to move around safely in traffic, I would be more than thrilled."

Sooji Kim
Textile design student from Design School Kolding


The Transportation Collection

 Set your imagination free


 Storage boxes. Set of 2 pcs
Item No.: 82-70144


 Back rest cushion
Item No.: 83-70374


Bean bag 
Item No.: 83-90220


Bed pockets
Item No.: 83-90219


 Play curtains. Set of 3 pcs
Item No.: 83-20235


Cave with quilted blanket
Item No.: 83-40051


 Extensions for play curtain.
Item No.: 83-20236


Bed linen in 100 % satin cotton
Comes in different sizes


Get the style

For parents

We’ll help you design the perfect room for your child. Our Transportation textile theme goes wonderfully well with all FLEXA furniture.



Play and learn with FLEXA 

For kids

Learn what keeps our world moving. Colour the hot air balloons, find the red car or find the way to the helipad in our FLEXA play and learn activity book - download it today!



Set your imagination free

Transportation textiles are made to
encourage role play and imagination


Play and learn

Use the textiles to teach your child about
traffic signs and road safety, and to
tell stories about different vehicles


Play it safe

All textiles are Oeko-Tex certified and
free of harmful substances

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